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University of 南 Alabama Strategic Priorities 2024-2029

愿景: The University of 南 Alabama will be a leading comprehensive public university internationally recognized for educational, research, and healthcare excellence as well as for its positive intellectual, cultural, and economic impact on those it serves.

任务: The University of 南 Alabama, with a global reach and special focus on the Gulf Coast, strives to make a difference in the lives of those it serves through promoting discovery, health, and learning.

核心价值观: The University of 南 Alabama affirms the following core values as essential to the accomplishment of its mission:

  • Diversity and a Global Perspective
  • A Pursuit of Excellence
  • Freedom in the Pursuit of Knowledge
  • 完整性
  • Transparency and Participation in Decision-Making

Student Access and 成功:  南 commits to creating multiple pathways and partnerships that support admission of students from increasingly diverse backgrounds. 南提供 access to the tools and resources for a diverse student body to be academically and personally successful at USA and also prepares them to achieve their postgraduate educational and professional ambitions.

  1. Strategically increase enrollment to 16,500 students.
    1. Employ targeted recruitment efforts for undergraduate students, adult learners, veterans, international students, Start 南 students, and graduate students.
  2. Increase performance on student success metrics for all students related to progression 和完成.
  3.  Provide students services and student life experiences that they value, support their personal wellness, and create opportunities for personal development.
  4. LevelUP: 确保 all students are prepared for what comes next whether employment or 先进的教育.  
  5. Provide faculty and staff professional development and support to increase the implementation of high-impact practices resulting in increased student engagement and success and meaningful relationships with faculty and staff.

    Graduate Education: Graduate students and faculty are central to achieving both the educational and research components of our mission, to helping our community find solutions to its most pressing problems, and to improving economic and social outcomes 在我们的地区.

  6. 确保 graduate students have meaningful engagement in research, clinical and/or other professional opportunities.
  7. Increase the number of grant-funded graduate students.
  8. Develop high-demand graduate programs aligned with institutional strengths.
  9. Increase the number of terminally-degreed graduate students.

    研究, Discovery, and Creative Works: The University of 南 Alabama faculty, staff, and students conduct internationally recognized research and scholarship to create new knowledge and medical advancements, spur economic development, help our region find solutions to its challenges, and improve the quality of life for our citizens.

  10. Recognize and support excellence in faculty research, scholarly work, and creative achievements with emphasis on the structural supports necessary to achieve higher levels of national recognition in these areas.
  11. Increase grant proposal submissions.
  12. Increase the amount of research dollars awarded.
  13. Increase the proportion of research that is interdisciplinary.
  14. Increase the proportion of research that is interindustry to include research that builds partnerships with other higher educational institutions, businesses, municipalities, and governmental and non-profit organizations.

    University 社区 Engagement: The University of 南 Alabama commits to active community engagement and valuing community impact as fundamental to the success of all University stakeholders.

  15. 确保 that students’ educational programs include faculty-guided, substantive engagement through collaborative community partnerships to include internships, clinical placements, research experiences, and/or other experiential learning (e.g., study abroad and service 学习).
    1. Engage with business and industry to be responsive to the workforce development needs in the broader community.
    2. Monitor and evaluate the University’s impact on the local and statewide economy.
    3. Engage our civic partners in the Gulf Coast region to identify, prioritize and address issues impacting the educational and health outcomes of our local community.确保 that the University strategically engages with business, governmental, healthcare, and civic partners to identify and address critical challenges.

    Excellence in Healthcare: As the only academic medical center along the upper Gulf Coast, 美国健康 and the University of 南 Alabama provide excellent healthcare through its hospitals and clinics, continuous research and technological advancements, and robust interprofessional and interdisciplinary partnerships.

  16. 确保 excellent fiscal management and financial health of the 美国健康 System.
  17. 确保 high satisfaction ratings among patients.
  18. 确保 the safety of patients in our care.